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Chicago Miniature Lighting, LLC (ChML) is a world leader in the manufacture of LED assemblies for the automotive market. ChML offers a wide variety of products utilizing both incandescent bulbs and LED’s as light sources, from discrete LED’s through complex wire harnesses and custom LED modules. These assemblies are used for a vehicle’s ambient lighting, external lights such as license plate lamps and mirror-mounted turn signals, and interior lights such as overhead lighting systems. ChML supplies the Automotive market from headquarters in Novi, MI. For Automotive related questions, please contact Bill Derrick at (248)277-4781


Overhead Lighting Systems

Chicago Miniature Lighting supplies Incandescent and LED based overhead lighting systems used in many vehicle lines. ChML works closely with the automotive design studios to develop unique overhead lighting systems to meet customer requirements for back seat reading lamps, rail handle lamps, and many other specialized lighting needs. A high volume unit incorporates an LED rechargeable flashlight into the dome lamp housing.




Exterior Lighting Systems

Supplemental Turn Signals mounted on the side-view mirrors are becoming more popular for styling and safety. Chicago Miniature Lighting is a leader in developing and producing these systems, using bulbs, LED’s and light pipes to achieve a vehicle manufacturer’s unique styling requirements. Ground Illuminators mounted underneath the side view mirrors or in the door handles enhance a vehicle owner’s confidence and safety when approaching their automobile in the dark. License plate lamps can be designed with either bulbs or LED light sources.




Ambient Lighting

Chicago Miniature Lighting is an industry leader in developing and supplying vehicle ambient light systems. Automotive manufacturers use interior ambient lights to differentiate their vehicles in harmony with other elements of the vehicle’s interior design. To achieve the desired ambience, light pipes, light rings, LED pin spot lights, and diffuser lenses are incorporated into the vehicle’s console, door panels, instrument panel and seat frames. Some systems allow the consumer to select up to seven different colors for the interior of their vehicles with the push of a button or the touch of a screen. These systems are offered in the entire range of vehicles, from the most affordable to the most luxurious. ChML works closely with the OEM design studios to develop ambient lighting systems that provide the desired interior look for a particular vehicle line. Color, light intensity and distribution are parameters that are can be fine tuned to achieve the desired “look”.




Instrument Panel and Console Lighting

Chicago Miniature Lighting is a major supplier of LED light engines and light bars for illuminating instrument panels and center consoles. Using a common housing for the light engine allows Chicago Miniature Lighting to reduce part complexity and tooling costs. Our optical engineers use precise graining patterns on the light bars to insure even intensity for all the letters in the shift indicator.




Wire Harnesses

Lighting systems are usually assembled into a wire harness to allow ease of installation into center consoles, door panels and instrument panels. Chicago Miniature Lighting uses automatic wire processing equipment and electrical test fixtures to insure quality. Vertical integration includes design, engineering, manufacturing, molding and assembly capabilities, allowing our customers to bring their products to market faster.




Standard Socket and Lamp Assemblies

Chicago Miniature Lighting has an assortment of standard socket and bulb assemblies with a diverse range of configurations and performance characteristics. These assemblies are available in a wide range of voltages from as low as 1.5V to as high as 240V.




Passenger Airbag Disable Indicator (PADI) Lamp

The PADI lamp is usually mounted in the Instrument Panel or Center Console to advise the driver if the Passenger Airbag is disabled. When there is no occupant in the passenger seat, or if the passenger’s weight is below a specific amount (such as a child occupying the passenger seat), the vehicle’s airbag will be disabled as a safety feature.

Chicago Miniature Lighting is a major supplier to the vehicle manufacturers of this safety system, using either incandescent or LED light sources.




Light Pipes

Light pipes, or Light Guides, are clear molded plastic components that have an LED at one or both ends and emit light along their entire length.  Light pipes are used to produce a soft glow along a surface such as a door trim panel, instrument panel, or the PRNDL bar in a center console. Light pipes can also be molded in circular shapes to light up cup holders or switch bezels. Light pipes can be either molded into specific shapes or extruded from a flexible material that can be formed to the contours of the surface being illuminated. Usually light pipes are hidden from view, and only the light emitted is visible.




Pin Spot Lights

Pin spot Lights are LED’s that direct light at a fixed point, illuminating specific zones such as footwells, or consoles. They are often mounted in the ceiling, pointing down at the target zone, or in the console pointing at the footwells. The LED’s are usually mounted in a housing with a lens to direct the light, but they can also be used without a lens, with the LED shining through a hole.